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I've always heard that when a car salesman sees a prospective buyer walk on the lot, he looks at his shoes and then his watch to size up his wallet. The men`s watch has always been a symbol of wealth, success and prestige. Makes you want to leave the Rolex at home, but what about making a solid impression on a date or a meeting Finding perfect balance between the image that you want and the bargain that you're looking for are the keys to the kingdom.

Since the advent of the personal timepiece, men`s watches have gone from the pocket to the wrist. In 1524, a Bavarian man named Peter Henlein crafted the first portable clock, the pocket watch. By the late 19th C, the Waltham Watch Company figured out an inexpensive, low cost way of production, and soon, every well-respecting male had one.

Ironically, the modern symbol of success and masculinity, the man`s wristwatch, was originally designed in 1868 as a 'lady`s bracelet watch.' Quickly, however, officers of the First World War discovered that the pocket watch was a great hindrance, and so Louis Cartier was commissioned by a friend and officer to make the 'Santos' in 1904, a practical watch.

Since WWI, the wristwatch has been the standard for its practical appeal, and the watch has been making history, quite literally, since. In 1941, the first televised commercial was for Bulova watches. In 1969, the first quartz watch, a Seiko Astron, cost the same as a mid-sized car at the time. In 1941, a sailor lost his Bulova watch overboard. In 2008, it was found in a sea bed, and returned to its owner. The watch ticked and tocked like new!

We've come a long way since the Egyptian obelisks and sun dials. Now our clocks give us the time, barometric pressure, the date, even up to three or more other time zones. I know that I need to know if that it`s tea time in India as I put on my coffee in the morning, but finding that cheap men`s watch isn't always easy. You can try to find Kansas City Men`s Watches and such, just make sure you find the right one for you. There are a lot of things to consider, like materials (stainless or titanium), manufacturer (Seiko watches or Anoimo watches), and dress (casual or formal, classic or modern).

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